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Dr. David Pascal
Holistic, Integrative Care for Optimal and Sustainable Health

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Dr. Pascal specializes in severe neurologic injury, addressing the underlying factors that contribute to pain, not just the symptoms, allowing real healing to occur. Key to Dr. Pascal’s success is carefully listening to the concerns of each patient, conducting a thorough, accurate examination, and developing a personalized treatment plan.

Patients travel from around the world to receive Dr. Pascal’s state-of-the-art treatment modalities and enjoy significant improvement.

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"After my shark attack, I was told I would never have feeling in my thigh again. Thanks to Dr.Pascal the feeling in my thigh has returned and the chronic pain I had in my hips is also gone."


Conditions We Treat


Musculoskeletal disorders, joint pain, athletic injury

Auto Immune

Hashimoto’s, leaky gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)


Foods, environment, chemicals, products, animals


Acute or chronic unrelenting neurologic pain, dystonia, POTS, gastroparesis

And More

Including stress, headaches, TBI, Hormonal issues, and fibromyalgia

Integrative Health


CRPS Therapy

Allergy Elimination

Stress Relieve Program

Functional Medicine

Sports Medicine